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Season 2021/22 – Editorial

Back to the Future

In a conversation regarding this brochure in Peter Schmidt's studio, the phrase "back to the future" came to mind as an expression of the hope that the long tradition of the Hamburg Ballet will soon return to normality and continue developing into the future. Consequently, to start the next season with a revival of "Sylvia" created in 1997 and to celebrate our first premiere with a new version of our earlier production of "The Sleeping Beauty", a ballet created in 1978, seemed appropriate. Instead of simply throwing this fine production away, I have decided to develop it further. It would be unfortunate, for example, to lose the precious paintings of Jürgen Rose's set design.

Also, I cannot imagine a better basic concept than having Aurora's enchanted slumber begin in the golden age of classical ballet and end when a prince of today awakens her for a destiny into the future. In one of my last years as Artistic Director of the Hamburg Ballet, it is important for me to go back, rework and expand on this important ballet making it viable for the future. The guest choreographer of our summer premiere, Christopher Wheeldon, also goes back – to Shakespeare – to create a contemporary work.

This concept is a recurring theme throughout the next season. It is an essential part of our profession to respect the time-honored traditions of classical ballet technique and, influenced by all currents of modern movement, to create for the present – and future.

This season, Germany's National Youth Company celebrates its tenth anniversary. The idea of establishing an independent youth company goes back to the early days of my directorship of the Hamburg Ballet. Conceived in the past, the reality of this company takes us into the future. After ten years, I am delighted to see that the National Youth Ballet's impact has become even stronger in spite of the difficult Corona situation. For the anniversary season, we will prepare some major projects with the Ernst Deutsch Theater as well as joint performances with the National Youth Orchestra of Germany.

John Neumeier

Season 2021/22
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