November 2018
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Richard Wagner



John Neumeier dedicates the winter premiere of the Hamburg Ballet to the legendary New York City Ballet director George Balanchine: "He has been, in a sense, a role model for me – not only because his many years of loyalty to the New York City Ballet are similar to my dedication to Hamburg – but because of his constant ability to renew dance. Firmly rooted in tradition, Balanchine's creativity gave classical ballet contemporary form." |  More...


Lady of the Camellias

A classical ballet returns to the stage of the Hamburg State Opera: 40 years ago John Neumeier's "Lady of the Camellias" premiered with the Stuttgart Ballet. His adaptation based on the same novel is well-known throughout the world and currently part of the repertoire of various international companies. |  More...

National Youth Ballet

On the Upswing X

The NATIONAL YOUTH BALLET starts its season in Hamburg with a performance connected to a special anniversary: The 10th edition of "On the Upswing" at the Ernst Deutsch Theater. There, the young company already offers insights in its work and repertoire since 2011 – and creates annually a full-length program with the new cast to start the season. A festive review and outlook: Best of "On the Upswing" – Best of National Youth Ballet. Come celebrate with us!!
November 19, 20, 22 and 23, 2018 | 


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