For Groups

State Opera exclusively for you!

Special offers for your visit to the opera or ballet with your clients or employees, for a joint activity with your club or circle of friends, for a very special family celebration or of course for a festive Christmas party. 

Premium Stalls Seats

Right up close, and in the lap of luxury! Follow the performance from our premium seats in rows 1 to 7 of the stalls. Get in the mood with snacks and drinks in the stylish atmosphere of the "Founders' Lounge" before the performance. During the interval, you will nd an area in the Parquet Foyer reserved exclusively for you, with a selection of drinks ready to serve, and naturally your programme book is included. 

This arrangement may be booked for groups of 15 persons or more. Prices per person:

Price Category C: SG 1: € 116 / SG 2: € 108
Price Category D: SG 1: € 125 / SG 2: € 116
Price Category E: SG 1: € 136 / SG 2: € 125
Price Category F: SG1: € 157 / SG 2: € 143
Price Category G: SG1: € 167 / SG 2: € 153

A Box Seat in Opera Heaven

Our popular arrangement: enjoy the performance with your guests in your own box! The price includes snacks and drinks before the performance in the "Founders' Lounge", interval drinks in an exclusive area of the parquet foyer and programme books. 

Package 1
Your exclusive seats will be in box 5 in the first tier (left)
Package price for up to 19 persons:
Price Category C: € 1,850
Price Category D: € 1,950
Price Category E: € 2,100
Price Category F: € 2,250
Price Category G € 2,400

Package 2
Your exclusive seats will be in box 2 in the second tier (right)
Package price for up to 15 persons:
Price Category C: € 1,300
Price Category D: € 1,400
Price Category E: € 1,500
Price Category F: € 1,600
Price Category G: € 1,700

If your group exceeds the seating capacity of the box, we offer additional seats in the immediate vicinity upon request.


Exclusive Introductory Talks

Would you like more information about the work, the production and the artists? Exclusive introductory talks can be offered as part of these arrangements.


Advice and booking are available by calling:

Tel. +49 (40) 35 68 222
Fax +49 (40) 35 68 497

or emailing:
E-Mail: gruppen@staatsoper-hamburg.de


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