Bernstein Dances | Ballet Revue by John Neumeier

Based on the Music and Spirit of Leonard Bernstein for Leonard Bernstein On the season's opening weekend, the Hamburg Ballet revives "Bernstein [...]

Revival: Sunday 09. Sep. 2018


Brahms/Balanchine | Ballets by George Balanchine

John Neumeier dedicates the winter premiere of the Hamburg Ballet to the legendary New York City Ballet director George Balanchine: "He has been, in a [...]

Premiere: Sunday 09. Dec. 2018


Orphée et Eurydice | Christoph Willibald Gluck

Eurydice is dead, a fact the man and artist Orpheus cannot accept. He demands her return. Indeed, the beauty of art and its power to transcend and destroy [...]

Premiere: Sunday 03. Feb. 2019


All Our Yesterdays | Ballets by Jon Neumeier

Des Knaben Wunderhorn / Fifth Symphony of Gustav Mahler The two ballets "Soldier Songs" and "The Fifth Symphony", united under the title [...]

Revival: Sunday 17. Feb. 2019


The World of John Neumeier | Ballets by John Neumeier

A Celebration for John Neumeier's 80th Birthday The Hamburg Ballet presents the Benefit Gala "The World of John Neumeier" with a high-carat cast: [...]

Premiere: Sunday 24. Feb. 2019


The Glass Menagerie | Ballet by John Neumeier after Tennessee Williams

After the worldwide success of "A Streetcar Named Desire", John Neumeier continues his exploration of the works of the American playwright Tennessee [...]

Premiere: Sunday 16. Jun. 2019