Bernstein Dances | Ballet Revue by John Neumeier

Based on the Music and Spirit of Leonard Bernstein for Leonard Bernstein On the season's opening weekend, the Hamburg Ballet revives "Bernstein [...]

Revival: Sunday 09. Sep. 2018 | next performance: Tuesday 17. Sep. 2019


Brahms/Balanchine | Ballets by George Balanchine

John Neumeier dedicates the winter 2018 premiere of the Hamburg Ballet to the legendary New York City Ballet director George Balanchine: "He has been, in a [...]

Premiere: Sunday 09. Dec. 2018 | next performance: Friday 17. Apr. 2020


Orphée et Eurydice | Christoph Willibald Gluck

Eurydice is dead, a fact the man and artist Orpheus cannot accept. He demands her return. Indeed, the beauty of art and its power to transcend and destroy [...]

Premiere: Sunday 03. Feb. 2019 | next performance: Friday 27. Sep. 2019


All Our Yesterdays | Ballets by Jon Neumeier

Soldier Songs (Des Knaben Wunderhorn) / The Fifth Symphony of Gustav Mahler The two ballets "Soldier Songs" and "The Fifth Symphony of Gustav [...]

Revival: Sunday 17. Feb. 2019 | next performance: Wednesday 13. Nov. 2019


Shakespeare – Sonnets | An Evening of Ballets by Marc Jubete, Aleix Martínez and Edvin Revazov

William Shakespeare's unique poetry has influenced various fields of artistic expression over the centuries. Inspired by the sonnets of the English poet, Marc [...]

Premiere: Sunday 16. Jun. 2019 | next performance: Friday 20. Sep. 2019


A Midsummer Night's Dream | Ballet by John Neumeier based on William Shakespeare

Dedicated to August Everding J.N. "And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow's eye, Steal me awhile from mine own company." A Midsummer Night's [...]

Revival: Sunday 08. Sep. 2019


The Glass Menagerie | Ballet by John Neumeier after Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams did not have an easy start becoming a style-defining writer. When the 33-year-old prepared the world premiere of his drama "The Glass [...]

Premiere: Sunday 01. Dec. 2019


Hamlet | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Saxo Grammaticus and William Shakespeare

For more than 20 years, John Neumeier has repeatedly dealt with Shakespeare's most extensive drama – beginning with the fragmental "Hamlet [...]

Revival: Sunday 29. Mar. 2020


The Winter's Tale | Ballet by Christopher Wheeldon after William Shakespeare

"The Winter's Tale". Wheeldon's ballet about Shakespeare's romance of the same title was created as a co-production of the Royal Ballet and the [...]

Premiere: Sunday 14. Jun. 2020


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