Ghost Light | A Ballet in the Time of Corona by John Neumeier

Internationally, the Hamburg Ballet is one of the first companies that has returned to its studios after the lockdown. Based on a comprehensive hygiene concept, [...]

Premiere: Sun 06. Sep. 2020 | next performance: Sat 19. Jun. 2021


Ballets for Piano and Voices | Ballets by John Neumeier

When dance and music touch each other in the "ballets for piano and voice", the play of their mutual movements opens up spaces for chamber-like atmospheres that [...]

Revival: Sun 18. Oct. 2020 | no further performances this season


Death In Venice | A Dance of Death by John Neumeier based on the novella by Thomas Mann

What fascinates me in my interpretation of Thomas Mann’s novella is the depiction of absolute love. Tadzio causes Aschenbach to confront a hidden part of [...]

Revival: Thu 29. Oct. 2020 | next performance: Thu 24. Jun. 2021


Beethoven Project II | Ballet by John Neumeier

Fascinated by the examination of Ludwig van Beethoven's music in his "Beethoven Project", which premiered in 2018, John Neumeier continues his preoccupation [...]

Premiere: Sun 06. Dec. 2020 | next performance: Wed 05. May. 2021


Hamlet | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Saxo Grammaticus and William Shakespeare

For more than 20 years, John Neumeier has repeatedly dealt with Shakespeare's most extensive drama – beginning with the fragmental "Hamlet Connotations", [...]

Revival: Wed 10. Feb. 2021 | next performance: Fri 18. Jun. 2021


The Sleeping Beauty | Ballet by John Neumeier

John Neumeier's collaboration with the costume and set designer Jürgen Rose is legendary. The two artists jointly created classics of the repertoire such as "A [...]

Premiere: Sun 13. Jun. 2021


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