A Midsummer Night's Dream | Ballet by John Neumeier based on William Shakespeare

"And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow's eye, Steal me awhile from mine own company." A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III, Scene 2 Music: Felix [...]

Revival: Sunday 08. Sep. 2019 | next performance: Saturday 20. Jun. 2020


The Glass Menagerie | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Tennessee Williams

"The Glass Menagerie" was the foundation of Tennessee Williams's fame as one of the most important writers in the US of the 20th century. Although the success [...]

Premiere: Sunday 01. Dec. 2019 | next performance: Friday 26. Jun. 2020


Hamlet | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Saxo Grammaticus and William Shakespeare

For more than 20 years, John Neumeier has repeatedly dealt with Shakespeare's most extensive drama – beginning with the fragmental "Hamlet Connotations", [...]

Revival: Sunday 29. Mar. 2020 | next performance: Friday 19. Jun. 2020


The Winter's Tale | Ballet by Christopher Wheeldon after William Shakespeare

"The Winter's Tale". Wheeldon's ballet about Shakespeare's romance of the same title was created as a co-production of the Royal Ballet and the [...]

Premiere: Sunday 14. Jun. 2020


Sylvia | Three Choreographic Poems on a Mystic Theme

More rarely performed than Coppélia, Leo Delibes' other great ballet, "Sylvia or La Nymphe de Diane" has nevertheless played an important role in the history [...]

Revival: Sunday 06. Sep. 2020


Beethoven 9 | Ballet by John Neumeier

On December 16, 2020, the music world celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday. Just in time for Ludwig van Beethoven's birthday week, John Neumeier [...]

Premiere: Sunday 13. Dec. 2020


Liliom | Ballet Legend by John Neumeier based on Ferenc Molnár

In addition to his latest ballet "The Glass Menagerie", John Neumeier once before created a female lead role for Alina Cojocaru in 2011. She and Carsten Jung [...]

Revival: Wednesday 10. Feb. 2021


The Sleeping Beauty | Ballet by John Neumeier

John Neumeier's collaboration with the costume and set designer Jürgen Rose is legendary. The two artists jointly created classics of the repertoire such as "A [...]

Premiere: Sunday 13. Jun. 2021


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