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  • Pique Dame

Tue, Apr. 29, 2025, 7.30 pm - 10.15 pm | Main Stage

Peter I. Tschaikowsky

Pique Dame

Introduction at 6.50 pm

The outsider Herman loves Liza, who is engaged to Prince Yeletsky. Herman is a passionate gambler: he is desperate to win a fortune and reputation in order to win Liza’s heart. When he learns that her grandmother knows the secret of the three winning cards, fate takes its course.

Director: Willy Decker
Set and Costume Designer: Wolfgang Gussmann
Lighting Designer: Hans Toelstede

Premiere: 25.05.2003

In Russian with German Surtitles


Venue: Main Stage, Dammtorstraße 28, 20354 Hamburg
Prices: 6,00 EUR to 97,00 EUR

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