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Ghost Light | A Ballet in the Time of Corona by John Neumeier

Internationally, the Hamburg Ballet is one of the first companies that has returned to its studios after the lockdown. Based on a comprehensive hygiene concept, [...]

next performance: Wed 20. Apr. 2022


Ballet Workshop

More than 215 Ballet Workshops have been presented by John Neumeier at the Hamburg State Opera. The Ballet Workshops enjoy great popularity in Hamburg: In [...]

next performance: Sun 26. Sep. 2021


Saint Matthew Passion | Ballet by John Neumeier

“One comes to feel that this is a community of people who have decided to enact the Passion as in a medieval mystery play. Each dancer expresses grief, doubt, [...]

next performance: Sat 12. Mar. 2022


Christmas Oratorio I-VI | Ballet by John Neumeier

When Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio opens with the words "Rejoice, exult", one surrenders willingly to the sensation of floating. The rousing joy of [...]

next performance: Thu 23. Dec. 2021


A Midsummer Night's Dream | Ballet by John Neumeier based on William Shakespeare

"And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow's eye, Steal me awhile from mine own company." A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III, Scene 2 Music: Felix [...]

next performance: Fri 25. Jun. 2021


A Midsummer Night's Dream (Screening) | Ballet by John Neumeier based on William Shakespeare

Musik: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, György Ligeti und traditionelle mechanische Musik Choreografie, Inszenierung und Lichtdesign: John Neumeier Bühnenbild [...]

next performance: Mon 21. Jun. 2021


Beethoven Project I | Ballet by John Neumeier

Hamburg Ballet Director John Neumeier has always been deeply moved by the powerful, majestic and striking music of Ludwig van Beethoven and for many years has [...]

next performance: Wed 23. Jun. 2021


Nijinsky Gala

The grand finale of the Hamburg Ballet-Days and the season will be the Nijinsky Gala. The annual gala which is always dedicated to a dance-specific or [...]

next performance: Sun 27. Jun. 2021


Bernstein Dances | Ballet Revue by John Neumeier

Based on the Music and Spirit of Leonard Bernstein for Leonard Bernstein The Dance Musical Leonard Bernstein didn't have time to write? In any case – a [...]

next performance: Wed 20. Oct. 2021


Young Choreographers

In Autumn 2021 the "Young Choreographers" of the Hamburg Ballet will return to the stage with their own creations. PROGRAMM I October 23 and 25, November 4 [...]

next performance: Sat 23. Oct. 2021


The Glass Menagerie | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Tennessee Williams

"The Glass Menagerie" was the foundation of Tennessee Williams's fame as one of the most important writers in the US of the 20th century. Although the success [...]

next performance: Wed 03. Nov. 2021


The Nutcracker | Ballet by John Neumeier

It has become a tradition for ballet companies all over the world to perform Peter Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" at Christmas time. John Neumeier's version of "The [...]

next performance: Fri 26. Nov. 2021


Anna Karenina | Ballet by John Neumeier, inspired by Leo Tolstoy

Thomas Mann once named Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" "the greatest social novel of world literature." When reading the novel, John Neumeier [...]

next performance: Fri 06. May. 2022


Lady of the Camellias | Ballet by John Neumeier based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Neumeier very subtly uses the tragic 19th Century story of the title heroine Marguerite and her lover Armand Duval by reflecting it against the fate of another [...]

next performance: Fri 27. May. 2022


Guest Compagnie: Polish National Ballet | Ballet in two acts after William Shakespeare

During the 47th Hamburg Ballet Days the Polish National Ballet will present Krzysztof Pastor's ballet adaptation of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest". A [...]

next performance: Tue 28. Jun. 2022


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