April 2021
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Updated Information

Due to the current situation, no events with an audience will take place at the Staatsoper Hamburg until further notice; this also affects the concerts of the Philharmonic State Orchestra. Advance ticket sales therefore remain suspended. Stay up to date via this website, the newsletter or the social media channels.

By John Neumeier

Thoughts in the corona crisis

In the current "Journal", John Neumeier shares his thoughts on the Corona crisis. How does a ballet director deal with the pandemic? What projects is the company working on? What do we learn from the crisis? You can read the full article here (in German). For the digital "Journal", please click here (in German).

Next New Production

Beethoven Project II

In John Neumeier's "Beethoven Project II", fragments of biographical images and sometimes absolute, pure dance that Beethoven's music triggers can be seen. Due to the ongoing lockdown, the premiere had to be postponed several times. John Neumeier is looking forward to premiere his creation on the next possible date when the Hamburg Ballet is allowed to perform again. He is explicitly in favor of live performances, which he describes as important "nourishment for the soul", especially in these times. More...


DVD & Online Program

The wait is over: You can order the new "Ghost Light" DVD & Blu-ray exclusively in our online shop (shipping only within Europe) ! On March 26 the film version of John Neumeier's ballet will be released internationally (May 20: release in Japan). For this recording, the solo piano music is performed by the star pianist David Fray. Also our Online Program offers exciting insights into the creation process of John Neumeier's ballet "The Glass Menagerie", shows excerpts from creations by the Young Choreographers that have not yet been publicly performed and a Virtual Ballet Training by Lloyd Riggins with Madoka Sugai. To the Online Program...

A Conversation with Jürgen Tessmann

Jubilee at the Props

As a prop master, Jürgen Tessmann is responsible for the props, furniture, pyrotechnics and weapons. He is present at all rehearsals and performances of the Hamburg Ballet and travels with the company around the world. Now he is celebrating his 40th service anniversary. In an interview (in German) he talks about challenges, favorite props and his fondest memories. You can read the full interview here...


Hightech at the Service of the Art

A new rehearsal video system has been launched in the Ballet Center, the Dancing Cloud. In an interview, Frédéric Couson, Head of the Sound Department at the Hamburg Ballet, explains the project idea. You can read the interview (in German) here...


Rehearsals despite the ban on performing

The photo gallery on the Hamburg Ballet blog shows the conditions under which rehearsals are possible. In addition to "Beethoven Project II", which is waiting for its world premiere, the Hamburg Ballet is rehearsing John Neumeier's ballets "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Death in Venice", which are to come on stage after the lockdown. To the blog...


"Ghost Light" – Video-on-demand

During our guest performance at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in October 2020, we were not only able to perform John Neumeier's "Ghost Light", we even recorded it! Under the film direction of Myriam Hoyer, a film version of the ballet in Corona times was created, which was broadcast for the first time on January 24 on ARTE channel. The ballet is available online as video-on-demand until April 23, 2021. Video...


Journal No 3

March/April | Die Essenz unseres Ensembles – Gedanken in der Corona-Krise (2. Februar 2021). Repertoire: "Ein Sommernachstraum", "Tod in Venedig". Das Balletträtsel Nr. 1. Hightech im Dienst der Kunst – Jörn Rieckhoff im Gespräch mit Projektleiter Frédéric Couson. 40 Jahre Theater – Ein Gespräch mit Requisitenmeister Jürgen Tessmann. Samuel Winkler gewinnt Young Creation Award des Prix de Lausanne. You will find the Journal here as download. Archives...


Brief Profiles

Would you like to find out how our dancers deal with the corona crisis, what they do in their free time and how they started dancing? Our dancers introduce themselves in brief profiles. Head to our blog to learn more about the Soloists of our company (in German) The Blog...

Online Shop

Programs, Posters, DVDs, ...

In our online shop you will find a wide range of Hamburg Ballet products: programs, posters, books and DVD recordings of John Neumeier's ballets as well as merchandise items such as cloth bags or the annual wall calendar. Just make sure you stop by! Order...

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