Nijinsky | Ballet by John Neumeier

"Nijinsky" is the title of this "choreographic approach" to a dance phenomenon that has been part of Neumeier's life ever since the [...]

Revival: Saturday 24. Sep. 2016 | next performance: Saturday 27. May. 2017


The Song of the Earth | Ballet by John Neumeier

TO BE READ BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE "The Song of the Earth" is the culmination of a long dialogue with the music of Gustav Mahler initiated in 1974 [...]

Premiere: Sunday 04. Dec. 2016 | next performance: Saturday 15. Jul. 2017


The Seagull | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Anton Chekhov

Chekhov, like Shakespeare, is an author who creates characters so complete, so true that they live in the imagination beyond and independent from the text. It [...]

Revival: Sunday 26. Feb. 2017 | next performance: Thursday 13. Jul. 2017


Anna Karenina | Ballet by John Neumeier

Among connoisseurs, Leo Tolstoy’s "Anna Karenina" is considered one of the most perfect novels ever written. There are popular titles that are [...]

Premiere: Sunday 02. Jul. 2017