July 2017
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Season 17/18 – Editorial

Without neglecting our traditional repertoire, I endeavor each new season to widen the dance perspective for you, our audience, as well as for my dancers. With this in mind, the coming season might be called "The Classics". |  More...


Theaters' Night | September 9

With a colourful programme the Hamburg State Opera takes part again in the Theaters' Night this year. Members of opera, ballet and orchestra will tune into the next season in the big house, the opera stabile and on rehearsal stage 1. You get your tickets at the ticket sevrice or the theatre night's ticket shop.


Chopin Dances

Jerome Robbins talks of people and about people. He tells stories even where the dance is led only by music: "Ballet makes me feel like an author. I can say whatever I want to say, limited only by my own capacities and those of my dancers." |  More...


Anna Karenina

Thomas Mann once named Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" "the greatest social novel of world literature." When reading the novel, John Neumeier was deeply fascinated by Tolstoy's work: not only by the main characters and the plot, but also by the extraordinary variety of thematic connections. |  More...

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