Ballet by Yuka Oishi and Orkan Dann
based on a Japanese Form of Poetry


  Franz Schubert/Gustav Mahler
Alfred Schnitttke
Philip Glass
and Set

Yuka Oishi, Orkan Dann

Set with the cooperation of
Heinrich Tröger von Allwörden


  Michael Court


The Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, June 17, 2012


Original Cast

Sivia Azzoni
Hélène Bouchet
Hannah Coates
Leslie Heylmann
Lucia Solari
Patricia Friza

Carsten Jung
Edvin Revazov
Lloyd Riggins
Alexandr Trusch
Constant Vigier
Lizhong Wang


A Renku is a Japanese form of poetry, comprised of linked verses of several authors.

The writing of a Renku is comparable to a group game: something existing is continued by someone else.

A poet writes down a verse, finding out later – to his amazement and probably also to his delight – that the team-mate continues the verse in a way, the first author did not expect.

Wouldn't this principal also be feasible for a ballet?



1 intermission
2 hours 30 min.




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