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Ballet by John Neumeier free after Henrik Ibsen

Peer Gynt

"Peer Gynt certainly must rank musically as the most substantial full length ballet d’action commissioned since Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet of 1938. The ailing fifty-year-old composer was considered by many to be the most important composer of our time. This is by far the most ambitious undertaking of Neumeier’s career and I find that on the whole he has magnificently succeeded."

Horst Koegler

Music: Alfred Schnittke
Commission Score for the Hamburg State Opera
Choreography and Staging: John Neumeier
Set and Costumes: Jürgen Rose

3 hours | 1 intermission

The Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, January 22, 1989
Production 2015 – Premiere:
The Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, June 28, 2015

On Tour:
1990 Paris, Moscow, Leningrad 2016 Moscow

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PROLOGUE Into the world

Peer has many aspects


The young Peer and his mother Aase Peer’s fantasy – the ride through the air

Dance on the Haegstadhof – Ingrid’s wedding Peer sees Solveig
he cannot have her, and kidnaps the bride

Flight into the mountains
Peer has Ingrid, and wants Solveig
Solveig searches for Peer, Aase calls for him

Phantoms or reality – the troll world
Peer meets The Green One
he allows himself to be seduced, but does not conform

Solveig rings the bells
Roundabout or through the middle to her Peer stands in his own way

Alone, high up in the mountains Peer builds his house

Solveig comes to him

Disruption – the past catches up with Peer he cannot stay

Aase is destitute
Peer comes to her, she dies Peer leaves

SECOND ACT Out in the World – Illusions

Auditions for a show
the beginner Peer is noticed

and is hired
Revue theatre – “Rainbow Sextet” Peer draws attention to himself he is successful

Music Hall – “The Slave Handler” Peer builds his career

Premiere party with the film star Anitra Peer is the centre of attention
and courts Anitra

At the cinema
Peer’s star rises – Anitra’s sinks

Premiere party with Peer Gynt the famous film actor
he is the new star

At the film studio
Peer films “Caeser of the World” he is a megalomaniac,
and loses control

Asylum nightmare Peer has lost himself


Homecoming Memories Ingrid’s funeral Solveig waits

Peer searches for himself and finds Peer everyman

EPILOGUE Out of the World

Solveig recognises Peer Peer recognises Solveig