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Ballet by John Neumeier


Orpheus – Champion of boundless civilization, poet and singer, unquestioning lover, mediator between this life and the hereafter, son of pagan gods and harbinger symbol of Christ. Perhaps no other figure in ancient mythology combines so contrary but complementary facets as archetype of human desires.

John Neumeier

Music: Igor Stravinsky, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Peter Blegvad, Andy Partridge
Choreography, Staging, Costumes and Light Design: John Neumeier
Set: Ferdinand Wögerbauer

Supported by the Foundation for the Patronage of the Hamburg State Opera

2 hours 15 minutes | 1 intermission

On Tour:
2011 Vienna, Baden-Baden

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- Igor Stravinsky: Lento sostenuto from "Orpheus"


The place of destiny

Orpheus, son of Apollo and Calliope
Apollo's gift: music
The sound of the violin
Apollo's lesson, Calliope's inspiration
- Igor Stravinsky: "Apollon Musagète"

On earth

Street music
Eurydice – first encounter
His concert – success and glory
Eurydice – second, definitive encounter
The accident – Eurydice lost
- Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge: "Galveston" from "Orpheus the Lowdown"

powerless – despondent – despairing
- Igor Stravinsky: Apothéose from "Apollon Musagète"

Lost in Galveston
- Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge: "Galveston" from "Orpheus the Lowdown"

Music regained

The music of Orpheus moves trees and rivers
- Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: passacaglia in G minor from the "Rosary Sonatas"

Hermes and the impossible journey
- Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge: "Necessary Shadows" from "Orpheus the Lowdown"


The realm of shadows

Journey to the underworld
"seperate journeys" –
Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes
- Igor Stravinsky: "Orpheus"

Orpheus in shadowland
- Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge: "Noun Verbs" from "Orpheus the Lowdown"

His violin as bond

Orpheus regains Eurydice –
but must not look at her
- Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Lamento from the 6th sonata from the "Rosary Sonatas"

The journey back
Lover's madness forces his gaze toward Eurydice
- Igor Stravinsky: "Orpheus"

Irrevocable loss
- Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge: "Eurydice" from "Orpheus the Lowdown"
On earth

The audience abandons the artist
Orpheus alone
- Igor Stravinsky: "Orpheus"