Anna Karenina | Ballet by John Neumeier, inspired by Leo Tolstoy

Thomas Mann once named Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" "the greatest social novel of world literature." When reading the novel, John Neumeier [...]

next performance: Thursday 28. Jun. 2018


Ballet Workshop | Moderator: John Neumeier

More than 215 Ballet Workshops have been presented by John Neumeier at the Hamburg State Opera. The Ballet Workshops enjoy great popularity in Hamburg: In these [...]

next performance: Sunday 16. Sep. 2018


Saint Matthew Passion | Ballet by John Neumeier

“One comes to feel that this is a community of people who have decided to enact the Passion as in a medieval mystery play. Each dancer expresses grief, doubt, [...]

no further performances this season


Duse | Ballet by John Neumeier

Choreographic Fantasies inspired by Eleonora Duse At the turn of the 20th century the Italian actress Eleonora Duse was one of the most influential artists [...]

next performance: Friday 29. Jun. 2018


The Little Mermaid | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Hans Christian Andersen

For the bicentenary of the birth of the poet Hans Christian Andersen John Neumeier has created a modern but timeless interpretation of "The Little [...]

no further performances this season


Turangalîla | Ballet by John Neumeier

"As with all words from ancient oriental languages, its meaning is very rich. 'Lila' literally means play — but play in the sense of the divine [...]

next performance: Sunday 01. Jul. 2018


Christmas Oratorio I-VI | Ballet by John Neumeier

When Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio opens with the words "Rejoice, exult", one surrenders willingly to the sensation of floating. The [...]

next performance: Wednesday 19. Dec. 2018


The Nutcracker | Ballet by John Neumeier

It has become a tradition for ballet companies all over the world to perform Peter Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" at Christmas time. John Neumeier's [...]

next performance: Friday 28. Dec. 2018


Lady of the Camellias | Ballet by John Neumeier based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Neumeier very subtly uses the tragic 19th Century story of the title heroine Marguerite and her lover Armand Duval by reflecting it against the fate of another [...]

next performance: Saturday 10. Nov. 2018


Nijinsky | Ballet by John Neumeier

"Nijinsky" is the title of this "choreographic approach" to a dance phenomenon that has been part of Neumeier's life ever since the [...]

next performance: Wednesday 27. Jun. 2018


Young Choreographers

In Frühjahr 2019, the "Young Choreographers" of the Hamburg Ballet will return to the stage with their own [...]

no further performances this season


The Seagull | Ballet by John Neumeier based on Anton Chekhov

Chekhov, like Shakespeare, is an author who creates characters so complete, so true that they live in the imagination beyond and independent from the text. It [...]

no further performances this season


The Song of the Earth | Ballet by John Neumeier

TO BE READ BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE "The Song of the Earth" is the culmination of a long dialogue with the music of Gustav Mahler initiated in 1974 [...]

next performance: Saturday 30. Jun. 2018


The National Ballet of Canada | Guest Company

Each year, they are the highlight and grand finale of the current season: the Hamburg Ballet-Days. A two-week festival, the 44th Hamburg Ballet-Days will [...]

next performance: Tuesday 03. Jul. 2018


Nijinsky Gala

The grand finale of the Hamburg Ballet-Days and the season will be the Nijinsky Gala. The annual gala which is always dedicated to a dance-specific or [...]

next performance: Sunday 08. Jul. 2018


Old Friends | An Evening of Ballets by John Neumeier

Convincingly John Neumeier blends music by stylistically diverse composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Frédéric Chopin, Federico Mompou and [...]

next performance: Friday 13. Jul. 2018


Creativity Workshop | The School of the Hamburg Ballet

Final year students present their own compositions in two programmes over the period of six evenings. The young dancers are not only responsible for creating [...]

next performance: Monday 25. Feb. 2019


Het Nationale Ballet | Guest Company

The renowned Dutch company Het Nationale Ballet presents works by the celebrated choreographer Hans van Manen. This is the third invitation John Neumeier has [...]

next performance: Tuesday 25. Jun. 2019