• Ludwig van Beethoven, Porträt von Isidor Neugass

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Ballet by John Neumeier

Beethoven Project

Hamburg Ballet Director John Neumeier has always been deeply moved by the powerful, majestic and striking music of Ludwig van Beethoven and for many years has thought about creating a full length ballet on the music of this iconic artist. With the 2020 Beethoven Jubilee celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of the German composer in the offing, Director Neumeier realized that our upcoming season provided the perfect opportunity for him to bring his personal vision of Beethoven's works to artistic fruition. We are eagerly anticipating Neumeier's new ode to Beethoven with the debut of his ballet, "Beethoven Project".

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
Choreography and Costumes: John Neumeier
Set: Heinrich Tröger

Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, June 24, 2018