Scenes from Shakespeare's Ballets by John Neumeier

  • Hamlet
  • Othello
  • VIVALDI or What you will
  • As You Like It

Michael Tippett
Arvo Pärt
Alfred Schnittke
Naná Vasconcelos
Antonio Vivaldi
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  John Neumeier
Set and Costumes

John Neumeier
Hans Martin Scholder
Christina Engstrand
Klaus Hellenstein


Premiere in Hamburg
The Hamburg Ballet, June 9, 2013


For John Neumeier, Shakespeare is one of the greatest sources of inspiration a choreographer can have: He is the most humane of all poets. He sees things and he describes things which have a dimension that is stronger than his own words. His language as such is great, yet one of the critics stated that you cannot understand Shakespeare truly unless you bring you own humanity. For Neumeier, this is essential: Shakespeare understood the humanity of his characters so thoroughly and described them and their relationships so very complexly and strongly that on stage we are able to simply understand them without words, paradox as this may seem, through dance only.

Polikarpova - Jurgensen


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