Ballet by John Neumeier


  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
"Requiem" KV 626
and Gregorian Chant
  John Neumeier

No intermission - 1 hour 45 min.


World Premiere
The Hamburg Ballet, Felsenreitschule
Salzburg, July 26, 1991

Hamburg Premiere
The Hamburg Ballet, January 12, 1992


Original Cast

Stefanie Arndt
Bettina Beckmann
Emanuelle Broncin
Gilma Bustillo
Laura Cazzaniga
Anna Grabka
Heather Jurgensen

Ralf Dörnen
Denis Feuillette
Gamal Gouda
Anders Hellström
Jean Laban
Radik Zaripov

Janusz Mazon
Jean-Jacques Defago
Gildas Diquéro
Tomi Paasonen
William Parton
Michele Politi
Jan de Schinkel
Karin Brennan



As someone who generally resents intrusions of any kind into masterpieces on this level, I can say that I was deeply moved.
The relentless drive, textural complexity and richness of detail are all there, as is, in Mozart's Kyrie for example, the climatic ecstasy. Yet Mr. Neumeier can also revert quickly to simple lines and lyrical effusions. The dancers surrender to the music in endlessly imaginative ways.
James R. Oestreich, The New York Times



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