Ballet by John Neumeier


  Georg Friedrich Haendel
Arvo Pärt
  John Neumeier
  Ferdinand Wögerbauer


World Premiere
The Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, November 28, 1999


Original Cast    
Lloyd Riggins
Ivan Urban
Laura Cazzaniga
Niurka Moredo
for Elizabeth Loscavio
 Silvia Azzoni
Joëlle Boulogne
Anna Grabka
Heather Jurgensen
Alexander Auld
  Carsten Jung
Jacopo Munari
Alexandre Riabko
Anja Behrend
Carly Morgan
Adéla Pollertová
Andrew Hall
Yohan Stegli
Guido Warsany


Over the years, sacred music has inspired a number of John Neumeier's choreographic works. In 1981 he choreographed the "Saint Matthew Passion". Not only was this ballet a turning point in his creative work, but it became a kind of "signature" piece for his company and was shown throughout the world in more than 25 cities from New York to Tokyo. Six years after "Saint Matthew Passion" Neumeier created (for the Paris Opera) the "Magnificat", premiered at the Festival of Avignon, and 1991 Mozart's "Requiem" for the Salzburg Festival.

Cazzaniga - Riggins


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