Ballet by John Neumeier
after Harry Graf Kessler and Hugo von Hofmannsthal


Production 1977

  Richard Strauss
  John Neumeier
  Ernst Fuchs

65 min.


Vienna State Opera Ballet, Vienna, February 11, 1977
TV-Production Unitel, December 23, 1977


Original Cast    
  Kevin Haigen
The Angel
  Karl Musil
Potiphar's Wife
  Judith Jamison
Potiphar   Franz Wilhelm


Production 1979

Premiere in Hamburg
The Hamburg Ballet, 18. July 1979

Set and Costumes  Marco Arturo Marelli


Original Cast    
  Kevin Haigen
The Angel
  François Klaus
Potiphar's Wife
  Donna Wood
Potiphar   Ivan Liska


Production 2008

Premiere in Hamburg
The Hamburg Ballet, Juni 29, 2008

Set  John Neumeier
Costumes  Albert Kriemler – Akris


Original Cast    
  Alexandre Riabko
The Angel
  Edvin Revazov
Potiphar's Wife
  Kusha Alexi
Potiphar   Amilcar Moret Gonzalez



Joseph dreams of an Angel...
Joseph is abducted.
At Potiphar's court a festivity is being celebrated. Potiphar's Wife refuses to take part.
A mortal combat between warriors is held as entertainment for the guests. A strange figure of extraordinary beauty overcomes the warrior who was the last to win. While Joseph is borne in and sold to Potiphar as a slave, the figure reveals itself to be the Angel Joseph had dreamed of.
Joseph dances for Potiphar. This dance, woven through with strange visions, effects Potiphar's Wife deeply.
The guests leave the festivity. Joseph goes to sleep In the empty hall. Once again he dreams of the Angel...
Potiphar's Wife feels herself to be drawn to Joseph. Her fascination for him grows until it becomes a monster of passion...
Potiphar surprises his Wife as she is attempting to seduce Joseph. Potiphar wrongly believes Joseph to be the seducer and orders him to be tortured.

Disappointed and hurt, Potiphar's Wife whips Joseph herself. But suddenly, at the moment of Joseph's deepest despair, a change takes place in Potiphar's Wife and she tries to protect Joseph against her husband's fury
The Angel appears, carries Joseph away, and reveals his destiny to him.
Potiphar's Wife remains, lonely and alone.


Figurine zu Joseph von Albert Kriemler - Akris


 Verklungene Feste

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