Ballet by John Neumeier


  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra B major
KV 39
, Cadence by Alfred Schnittke
Alfred Schnittke
Moz-Art à la Haydn, Moz-Art for six Instruments
Max reger
Variations and Fuge on a Theme of Mozart op. 132
Ludwig van Beethoven
Variations for Piano and Cello op. 66
Variations on a Theme of Mozart op. 12
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Motet "Ave verum corpus" KV 618
Symphony C major KV 551, Jupiter
  John Neumeier
  laus Hellenstein

1 intermission - 3 hours


World Premiere
The Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, April 19, 1991


Original Cast    
Mozart the Wonder Child
  Radik Zaripov
  Patrick Becker
Wolfgang Amadeus
  Jean Laban
  Eric Miot
W. A. Mozart
  Ivan Liska
The Music
  Anna Grabka
Gamal Gouda
Leopold Mozart   Ralf Dörnen
Nannerl Mozart   Jessica Funt
Das Bäsle   Gigi Hyatt
Aloisia Weber   Stefanie Arndt
Constanze Weber   Bettina Beckmann
for Chantal Lefèvre
The Grey Messenger   Anders Hellström


The ballet is not an all-inclusive vision of Mozart as genius and man. There is no chronological narrative – only images! Five Mozarts are portrayed by five different dancers – Life and Work in movement. One cannot dance "Mozart", but one can create a ballet about a man who is perhaps like Mozart. Whereby DANCE must be more important than the man Mozart; otherwise the phenomenon MOZART will remain elusive.



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