Piotr I. Tchaikovsky
  Mats Ek
  Peder Freiij
  Göran Westrup
  Telse Hahmann


World Premiere
The Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, June 2, 1996


Original Cast    
  Bettina Beckmann
Prince Désiré
  Nicolas Musin
Queen Sylvia
  Joëlle Boulogne
King Florestan
  Lloyd Riggins
  Gamal Gouda
The Fairies:
  Anna Polikarpova
  Heather Jurgensen
  Laura Cazzaniga
Ruby   Niurka Moredo
Cavaliers   Mario Barba-Sanchez
Jacopo Munari
Jirí Bubenícek


A fairy tale is like a sweet home,
but on the door is written:
"Be careful"!

Mats Ek


All fairy tales have something in common: princesses, witch, king and queen, princes, the good and the evil. But every fairy tales have also something very special, a dark point, where something inexplicable happen. In "Sleeping Beauty", the mystic point is for me the prick and the sleep that follows. What does it mind, what's happen there?

Mats Ek


Mats Ek

  • Born in 1945 in Malm
  • Parents: Anders EK, actor and Birgit Cullberg, Choreographer
  • Twin sister: Malin Ek, actress
  • Older brother: Niklas Ek
  • Public High School Marieborg, Norrköping, Sweden, Theaterlinie 1965
  • 1962 first dance classes and 3 months Martha Graham technique classes with
    Donya Feuer in Stockholm.
  • 1966-1973 stage director by the Marionettheatern and the Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern in Stockholm
  • 1972 starts a ballet education
  • 1973/74 member of the Cullberg Ballet
  • 1974/75 member of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Dusseldorf
  • 1976 first choreography for the Cullberg Ballet
  • 1980/81 dance at the Nederlands Dans Theater
  • From 1980 he is choreographer with Birgit Cullberg of the Cullberg Ballet
  • 1985-1993 artistic director of the Cullberg Ballet

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