Ballet by John Neumeier



Sergej Prokofiev
"Cinderella" op.87
Tone Poem "Dreams" op.6
Symphonic Sketches "Autumnal" op.8

  John Neumeier
  Jürgen Rose
Light Design
  Max Keller

1 intermission - 2 hours 45 min.


World Premiere
The Hamburg Ballet, Hamburg, May 15, 1992


Original Cast    
  Bettina Beckmann
(for Gigi Hyatt)
The Prince
  Manuel Legris
The Stepmother
  Chantal Lefèvre 
Her Father
  Ivan Liska
Her Mother
  Gilma Bustillo
The Stepsister
  Stefanie Arndt
Emanuelle Broncin
The King   Ralf Dörnen
Three Ministers   Eric Miot
Jan de Schinkel
Janusz Mazon
The Birds   Anders Nordström
Radi Zaripov
Tomi Paasonen
Kim McCarthy
The foreign Princess   Heather Jurgensen
The Princess
from another country
  Laura Cazzaniga


Serge Prokofiev's "Cinderella", which was composed during the Second World War, is one of the most popular fairytale ballets of this century. For the Russian composer, however, Cinderella was more than just a fairytale character – for Prokofiev she was a living human being with real feelings and a destiny that should touch us. In 1992 John Neumeier created a fascinating new interpretation of this classic ballet. Emphasizing the mythical quality of the story while at the same time describing believable human characters and situations, Neumeier moved beyond the traditional ways of interpretating "Cinderella".

Legris -Beckmann


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