4.2.84 in Zvornik. Yugoslavian

Lujo Davico Ballet School, Belgrade.
The School of The Hamburg Ballet

Main Teachers
B. Kolumdzija, N. Nesic, Marianne Kruuse, Kevin Haigen, Radik Zaripov

The Hamburg Ballet since 2002


  • Larina, Tatjana and Olga's Mother in Tatiana

and solo in

  • Let's Keep it Black (Orkan Dann)


  • Bianca in Othello
  • Nanina in Lady of the Camellias
  • Princess from Another Country in A Cinderella Story
  • Eva in As You Like It
  • A Sister in The Prodilgal Son (George Balanchine)
    and solos in
  • Third Symphony by Gustav Mahler
  • Saint Matthew Passion
  • Christmas Oratorio
  • Le Sacre
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • The Seagull
  • Préludes CV

She choreographed

  • The Rain
    Music: René Aubry
    Premiere: Young Choreogarphers, Hamburg, 2009
  • Invisible Bonds
    Music: Tomaso Albinoni / Remo Giazotto
    Premiere: Young Choreogarphers, Hamburg, 2011
  • Einflüsse
    Music: Tomaso Albinoni
    Premiere: Young Choreogarphers, Hamburg, 2012

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