9.10.69 in New York. American

School of Southern Ballet Theatre, Orlando, Florida

Main Teachers
Barbara Riggins, Henning Kronstam, Kevin Haigen

Southern Ballet Theatre, Orlando, Florida (1985-1987).
Royal Danish Ballet (1987-1995, 1989 as Principal). Since 1995 Hamburg Ballet, as Principal. From 2006 to 2009 his was Assistant Ballet Master and he is since 2009 Ballet Master as well.


in Hamburg

  • Sebastian in VIVALDI or What You Will
  • Hamlet in Hamlet (1997 version)
  • Pas de deux Sheherazade II
    (Easter Concert 1998, Munich)
  • Petrushka in Nijinsky
  • Piotr Nikolayevich Sorin in The Seagull
  • Lloyd in Préludes CV
  • Gustav von Aschenbach in Death in Venice
  • A Man in Christmas Oratorio
  • Ficsur in Liliom (for Dario Franconi)
  • Gustav Mahler in Purgatorio
  • King Florestan in The Sleeping Beauty (Mats Ek)

    and solos in

  • hello
  • Bernstein Dances
  • Winter Ways from "Images from Bartók"
  • Messiah
  • Winterreise
  • Voice of the Night
  • Nocturnes and Nachtwanderung
    from "Songs of the Night"
  • Purgatorio
  • Moments Movements Mendelssohn (Kevin Haigen)
  • Beautiful Freak (Marco Goecke)
  • Renku (Yuka Oishi/Orkan Dann)


in Copenhagen

  • Lenski in Onegin (John Cranko)
  • The Joker in Jeu de Cartes (John Cranko)
  • James in La Sylphide (August Bournonville)
  • Gennaro in Napoli (August Bournonville)
  • Albrecht in Giselle (Jean Coralli-Jules Perrot/Henning Kronstam)
  • Romeo and Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet
    (John Neumeier)
  • Puck and Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream (John Neumeier)
  • King Christian VII in Caroline Mathilde (Flemming Flindt)
  • Don Quixote in Don Quixote
  • Apollo in Apollo (George Balanchine)
  • Poet in La Sonnambula (George Balanchine)

    and solos in

  • Konservatorium (August Bournonville)
  • A Folk Tale (August Bournonville)
  • The Kermesse in Bruges (August Bournonville)
  • The Fifth Symphony (Gustav Mahler/John Neumeier)
  • Soldier Songs (Des Knaben Wunderhorn, Gustav Mahler/John Neumeier)
  • Theme and Variations (George Balanchine)
  • Tchaikovsky Pas de deux (George Balanchine)

in Hamburg

  • Romeo, Mercutio, Valentino and Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet
  • Armand, Gaston and Monsieur Duval in Lady of the Camellias
  • Odysseus in Odyssey
  • Petrushka in Petrushka
  • Prince Désiré in The Sleeping Beauty
  • Günther and Drosselmeier in The Nutcracker
  • Puck, Theseus/Oberon, Demetrius and Bottom/Pyramus in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Orsino and Sebastian in VIVALDI or What you will
  • The Prince and Cinderella's Father in A Cinderella Story
  • The King in Illusions - like "Swan Lake"
  • Serge Diaghilev in Nijinsky
  • Albert in Giselle
  • King Arthur in The Saga of King Arthur
  • Petrushka in Petrushka
  • Doubt aspect in Peer Gynt
  • Touchstone in As You Like It
  • W. A. Mozart in Windows on MOZART
  • The Hermit in Parzival – Episodes and Echo
  • The Poet in The Little Mermaid
  • Harold Mitchell (Mitch) in A Streetcar Named Desire
  • A Man in Seasons – The Colors of Time
  • Widow Simone in La Fille mal gardée (Frederick Ashton)
  • A Dandy in A la Françaix (George Balanchine)
  • The Sage in Le Sacre du Printemps (Millicent Hoson, inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky)

    and solos in

  • Now and Then
  • Saint Matthew Passion
  • Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler
  • Des Knaben Wunderhorn
  • Fifth Symphony of Gustav Mahler
  • Night Sketches aus "Images from Bartók"
  • Bach-Suite 3
  • Requiem
  • Theme and Variations (George Balanchine)
  • She was black (Mats Ek)
  • Forgotten Land (Jirí Kylián)
  • Wege (Yukichi Hattori)
  • Jewels – Emeralds (George Balanchine)

Tokyo, Moscow, Toronto, Copenhagen, Florida, Washington, Paris, Munich and in New York with the American Ballet Theatre.

He staged John Neumeier's Sylvia for the Het National Ballet in Amsterdam, Odyssee for the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, The Little Mermaid for the San Francisco Ballet and for the National Ballet of China, A Midsummer Night's Dream for the Houston Ballet

He staged Bournonville's Napoli - Pas de six for the National Youth Ballet and The Kermesse in Bruges for the Royal Danish Ballet for the Bournonville Festival 2005. In 2014 he staged and choreographically completed August Bournonville's Napoli for the Hamburg Ballet.

He worked on Donya Feuer's documentary: "The Work of Utopia".

"Benois de la Danse 2004".
"Danza & Danza Prize 2004" for his interpretation of his roles in "Bernstein Dances" and "Nijinsky".

The husband of the fellow Hamburg dancer Niurka Moredo, since 1991.


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