Managing Director and Deputy Director
Ulrike Schmidt | Contact
Assistant to the Artistic Director
  Catherine Dumont | Contact
Assistants to the Managing Director

Nicolas Hartmann | Contact
Birgit Paulsen | Contact
Head of Communications/PR and Dramaturgy
  Dr. Jörn Rieckhoff | Contact
Managers Communications/PR and Dramaturgy
  Frieda Fielers | Contact
  Nathalia Schmidt | Contact
Manager Communications/PR
  Katerina Kordatou | Contact
Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer
  Kiran West | Contact

Jean-Jacques Defago | Contact

Tour Management

Rachel Nowak | Contact




Indrani Delmaine | Contact


National Youth Ballet

Managing Director

Project Management






Antonia Sobik | Contact

Sascha Hartmann | Contact




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