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General Director and Artistic Supervisor
John Neumeier
Artistic and Pedagogical Director
Kevin Haigen
Managing Director
Lukas Onken
(in parental leave)
Antonia Sobik
(parental leave replacement)
Deputy of the Artistic Director
Yohan Stegli
The Dancer
Sara Ezzell
Charlotte Larzelere
Kristian Lever
Larissa Machado
Tilman Patzak
Joel Paulin
Ricardo Urbina Reyes
Teresa Silva Dias
Aike Errenst
Event Technology
Martin Potapski
Costume Interpreter
Sonja Kraft
Project Management
Sascha Hartmann
Contact Press and Public Relations
Frieda Fielers




Photo © Silvano Ballone

Sonja Kraft was born in 1968 in Göttingen. She completed her training as a ladies' costume interpreter from 1998 to 2001 at the Anna-Siemsen-School in Hamburg. Since 2001 she has worked as a costume interpreter at the Hamburg State Opera. She also worked as a costume interpreter and costume designer at various theaters and independent groups such as the Ohnsorg Theater, Hüte und Kostüme Hamburg, Kirschkern und Compes Kindertheater, fokus!Tanzperformance, Aerial Dance Academy, Grone-Schule/Royston Maldoom and Lichthof Hamburg. She teaches various courses for children and adults in textile and theater. Her own two children are theater and of course NATIONAL YOUTH BALLET enthusiasts.






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